2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(April 29 - 30, 2005)

Just when you thought this great
event couldn't get any bigger, the
Craig's bring us an IFBB Pro
Fitness Championship to add to
the mix featuring some of the
best competitors on the planet.
Friday was an unprecedented
Fitness and Figure marathon
with seven open height classes
in the latter. Galleries are
gradually being added so watch
the update page. Kicks off with
highlights and a special page
of my favorite aspect of this
whole endeavor.

IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Fitness Champion Tanji Johnson

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Award Winning Performances
Pro Fitness Division Figure - Under 5'02"
Figure - 5'02" - 5'03" Figure - 5'03" - 5'04"
Figure - 5'04" - 5'05" Figure - 5'05" - 5'06"
Figure - 5'06" - 5'08" Figure - Over 5'08"
Figure - Over 35 Figure - Over 40
Fitness - Short Class Fitness - Tall Class
Bodybuilding - Masters (Over 35) Bodybuilding - Masters (Over 40)
Bodybuilding - Open Lightweight Bodybuilding - Open Middleweight
Bodybuilding - Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding - Open Overall - Millie Cleveland

Tami Ough Lucy Robichaud Millie Cleveland Ana Larsson Karin Kimura

Stacy Clary Amy Fraser Bridgette Murray Fawnia Mondey Dierdre Schwartz
Karen Patten Rose Hendricks Karen Patten
Fawnia Mondey and fans Kristina Lum Nicole Berg and Gerri Deach

Would have loved to have shot some more during Figure, but
duty called upfront and couldn't be in two places at once.
Basically just bodybuilding and some Pro/Amateur Fitness
before things got going. Nice though!
Sheri Rigdon Susan Mathison Laurie Burdette Wendy Lindquist Meredith Berthelson
Karen Patten Christina Summers and Sandra Grant Rosa Mena Stephanie Worsfold and Sandra Wickham Jennifer Cassetty
Fitness Competitors

And More...
Some of the incredible athletes in the Pro Fitness
Division at their best. Not without some adversity
though, both Rosa Mena and Teri Mooney had to
stop in mid-routine due to injury. I feel bad for
Teri in particular, as she experienced a very
similar fate at the Fitness Olympia. She gets
the first picture - what strength and balance!
Teri Mooney Sabrina Gibson Sandra Wickham
Angela Monteleone Semsch Julie Childs Christina Summers

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Bodybuilding - Lightweights

Bodybuilding - Middleweights

Bodybuilding - Heavyweights

Bodybuilding - Masters - Page 1

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Pro Fitness Division - Top 5

Pro Fitness Division - Part 2

Pro Fitness Division - Part 3

Pro Fitness Division - Part 4

NPC Fitness Division - Short Class

NPC Fitness Division - Tall Class (Top 3)

NPC Fitness Division - Tall Class (Part 2)

Figure Division - Under 5'02" (Top 4)
Features Evian Delly & Andrea Dumon

Figure Division - Under 5'02" (Part 2)
Features Meriza Goncalves, Georgia Wharton, Jillian Gillum & Laurie Dickson

Figure Division - 5'02" to 5'03" (Top 2)
Features Michelle Flake & Tiffany Jawitz

Figure Division - 5'03" to 5'04"
Features Michelle Anderson & Fawnia Mondey

Figure Division - 5'04" to 5'05" (Top 4)
Features Ana Larsson & Macey Boudreau

Figure Division - 5'04" to 5'05" (Part 2)
Features Bridgette Murray & Kristina Lum

Figure Division - 5'05" to 5'06" (Top 4)
Features Amanda Savell, Kristen Hough & Rebecca Slatt

Figure Division - 5'06" to 5'08" (Top 6)
Features Michelle Troll, Misty Green & Shelly Taucher

Figure Division - 5'06" to 5'08" (Part 2)
Features Catherine Boshuizen, Jeni Briscoe & Michelle Selfe

Figure Division - Over 5'08"
Features Ali Metkovich & Anneke Johnsen

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