2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Figure - 5'04" to 5'05" (Part 2)

Bridgette Murray - click pic for bonus photo
Like I need an excuse to feature the stunning Bridgette again...convenient how she ends up at the top of a page :) Stacy and Kristina have both graced this website in the past. It's Kristina's turn for some nice offstage photos - I think she's got her sights set on fitness next? Stay tuned.

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Bridgette Murray - 5th Place

Marie Gibbon - 6th Place

Jamie Fisher - 7th Place

Stacy Friede - 8th Place

Kristina Lum - 9th Place

Katie Greenwood - 11th Place

Charma Johnson - 12th Place


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