2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Fitness - Short Class

Tami Ough Another fun class to cover with some nice competitors I've become more familiar with. Tami gets better and better, a sleek physique and consistently polished high energy routines. Rose is making a comeback of sorts, having won this show back in 2002. Very full "rounded" look (see the 1-piece pic) and a hot outfit to go with the best fitness routine. I'd forgotten that Amy had been in this show last year. What a great improvement though, presents herself so well. Added a few offstage photos - she's a real natural in front of the camera, cute as a button! If Safiya's last name sounds familiar, she's Tanji Johnson's younger sister with an equally exotic first name. Rounding out the field were Kimberley and Sherry. Kimberley's got superb size and shape. Admittedly she wasn't feeling her best on the weekend - one of these days, when she comes in leaner and tighter for a show, look out! 

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Tami Ough - 1st Place Overall

Rose Hendricks - 2nd Place
Rose is one of Sue's many clients

Amy Fraser - 3rd Place
Good thing I didn't use a direct flash on these, otherwise
could have been "red eye city", a pain (and a shame) to
have to fix and mess with those baby blues.

Safiya Johnson - 4th Place

Kimberley Lynn - 5th Place

Sherry Boudreau - 6th Place


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