2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Figure - 5'04" to 5'05" (Top 4)

Ana Larsson
Adding an international flavor to this competition were Ana from Sweden and Macey from Canada. Ana exuded confidence onstage - she's got, for lack of a better description, '3D symmetry'. Something about those angled poses, front to back and top to bottom proportional depth to her physique. A very worthy overall champ! Next were a couple of Californians, JoAnn participates in combat sports. Following them was Macey, very photogenic and much improved over the last few years. Expect her to move up in the standings in the not too distant future.

Anyone for a game of checkers? I noticed a pattern and went with it.
Purely accidental except for flipping the last two rows :)
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Ana Larsson - 1st Place Overall

JoAnn Wabisca - 2nd Place

Inez Bess - 3rd Place

Macey Boudreau - 4th Place


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