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Emerald Cup

Figure - 5'06" to 5'08" (Part 2)

Jeni Briscoe
Continuing with the largest class, a very eye-catching group here. Catherine's quite photogenic and in only her second show so lots of potential. Jeni's never looked better having seen her progression since 2000. Good muscle size, definition and poised on stage. Here's one busy gal, putting on the annual Northern Classic Show up in Fort St. John, B.C. Click the photo for the cool poster and bonus pic :) More info on Jeni below as well.

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Catherine Boshuizen - 7th Place

Jeni Briscoe - 8th Place

Michelle Mayberry - 9th Place

Congratulations on her recent class win at the Figure Masters Nationals!
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Michelle Selfe - 10th Place

Shauna Duncan - 11th Place

Krista Cowie - 12th Place

Sherri Stokes - 13th Place

Kristen Kvamme - 15th Place

Evelynn Johnston - 16th Place

Jill Lane - 17th Place

Renee Nicole Erdman - 18th Place


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