2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Figure - Under 5'02" (Part 2)

Ran out of pics for a cover photo for this page. Then again, who do you feature? Meriza's making a name for herself in Southern California as a top model. Georgia's from Bermuda with a sleek physique and particularly well-defined abs. Jillian's got nice proportions, maybe a bit soft but I like her look. Brandy keeps improving...don't know much about Trish but the name rings a bell...can't think right now. Laurie always comes in lean and prepared for shows, probably should have placed higher. Alicia's from Arizona (I spelled her name right) and Melissa competed at the Vancouver U.S.A. Naturals earlier in the month. I thought she looked great then too.

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Meriza Goncalves - 5th Place

Georgia Wharton - 6th Place

Jillian Gillum - 7th Place

Brandy Seal - 8th Place

Trish Stevens - 10th Place

Laurie Dickson - 11th Place

Alicia Leombruni - 12th Place

Melissa Soete - 13th Place


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