2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Masters Bodybuilding (Over 35)

This division never
seems to disappoint
and this year was no
exception. Karin's
from Boise, Idaho
where she's been a
personal trainer for
13 years with bachelors
degrees in related fields
currently and expected
in the future. Not only
has she excelled in

1990 NPC Idaho State MW - 1st
1992 NPC Idaho State - 1st Overall
1994 NGA Las Vegas - 3rd
1996 NGA NW Natural HW - 1st
2000 NGA NW Natural - 1st Overall
2001 NGA Pro Atlas - 1st
2003 WFNA Pro/Am Supernatural - 1st Pro Masters
2005 NPC Emerald Cup - 1st Masters Overall
May 14, 2005: 2005 NGA Southern States Pro/Am - 3rd Pro (Open)

Karin has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, taking titles in her age and weight division at USTU Nationals. Family, faith and a positive attitude keep her going (she's pointing out some of her vocal supporters up above). Her next competition is the 2005 NGA Natural Pro Atlas on June 11th. A complete physique is the best way to describe Karin. Good size, proportion and poise on stage. A clinic in how to pose - must viewing for any aspiring competitors. Hopefully the offstage photos captured some of that, fitting that she be photographed surrounded by artwork.

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Karin Kimura - 1st Place Masters Overall
Mandatory poses during Overall comparisons...