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Emerald Cup

IFBB Pro Fitness - Page 2

Teri Mooney Typically, the farther down in the standings means fewer and fewer photos. Not the case with the pros. Just four competitors on this page is plenty! Teri's got strength packed routines to match her physique. As mentioned earlier, suffered an injury during the evening routine but flawless in the 'black body suit' performance. Nicole is the queen of high energy, wild outfit this time but very nice. The two Amy's followed, both have competed at previous USA's I've covered...I'll have to dig up those pics in the near future. Fine tuning my scanning and photoshop techniques over this and the gallery to follow so might revisit earlier pages to add or otherwise tinker with them.

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Teri Mooney - 6th Place
Kool software demo!

Nicole Rollolazo - 7th Place

Amy Haddad - 8th Place
A classic beauty - leaner yet very proportional physique.
No website of which I am aware...info welcomed.

Amy Huber - 9th Place


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