2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Figure - 5'03" to 5'04"

It's May 26, 2005 and my faves in this group are all gearing up for their next challenges. Michelle (who I ran into over the weekend) is headed for the USA's in July - she still looks amazing even though she's coy about it :), Fawnia's set her sights on the BC's in August, Wendy's got a show up in Fort St. John this weekend and Karen's training real hard for a return trip to the lower 48 from Alaska. Not to forget Ocean, she's headed for the FAME (Fitness & Model Expo) next month in Toronto.
Just a few comments on this class, Michelle and Jana were both quite muscularly defined, but Michelle won the day with a perfect V-taper physique. Fawnia worked really hard, coming in 'lean and mean', some very nice moves the following day. This girl can pose! Susan and Karen doubled in Fitness. I'll have more with that coverage. Same with Wendy who did bodybuilding as well. Ocean wasn't quite peaked for the show I think, you can see it on the side by side pic with Michelle's arm down below - that's what the judges are looking for. You know it's a great field when you look at the 10th place finisher's photo and say, "Wow, I should've taken more of her!".

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Michelle Anderson - 1st Place

Jana Stewart - 2nd Place

Fawnia Mondey - 3rd Place
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Susan Groshek - 4th Place

Wendy Lindquist - 5th Place

Karen Patten - 6th Place

Ocean Bloom - 7th Place

Amy McCormick - 8th Place

Leah Stryzewski - 9th Place

Angie Fernwault - 10th Place


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