2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Fitness - Tall Class (Part 2)

Michelle Mayberry & Kevin Creeden A number of competitors on this page performed double duty in the Figure Classes which explains any numbering inconsistencies. Also, a larger pool of photos to choose from for the most part. All are Northwest gals except Susan, who's from Texas. As mentioned in the belated part of the 2004 Washington Ironman coverage, Michelle graced the poster for this Emerald Cup as well as the program. Very nice!

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Michelle Mayberry - 4th Place

Susan Groshek - 5th Place

Penny Loo - 6th Place

Eva Gyorki - 7th Place

Amanda Ogden - 8th Place

Ashley Courtial - 9th Place
...plus some bonus Bridgette Murray with Ashley

Lisa Bergstrom - 10th Place


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