2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Masters Bodybuilding - Page 2

Merry Christine is always striving
to improve, a testament to hard
work and perseverance. She is
known of course as the foremost
designer of competition suits
for bodybuilding, fitness and
figure. Pictured with her are
Pro Fitness competitors Sandy
Grant, Nicole Rollolazo and
Sabrina Gibson, all former
Emerald Cup Figure/Fitness
champions. Merry really enjoys
the artistry of posing onstage.

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Merry Christine - 2nd Place (Over 35)

Terri Moulton - 4th Place (Over 35)

Kay Friend - 1st Place (Over 50)

Ita Pantilat - 2nd Place (Over 50)

Denise Rathwick - 3rd Place (Over 50)

Suzanne Luce - 4th Place (Over 50)