2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

Fitness - Tall Class (Top 3)

Bridgette Murray It's very appropriate that I group these three together (and not because they're all pretty blondes). Unlike the Fitness Short Class which was dominated by Northwest competitors, the cream of this field came from out of the region, respectively from Colorado, Alaska and Indiana. The notoriety of the Emerald Cup bodes well for the future of the Fitness Division, attracting such stunning participants. Tremendous athletes first and foremost, showed great strength and flexibility in their routines. Bridgette and Karen (both of whom doubled in figure) had particularly strong leg development. I've had or will have a bit more in those pages. Can't forget Jennifer's calves, nice back views. It takes a lot to diet down and still have the strength and stamina to perform at such a high level. Some backstage and offstage photos round out this page.

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Bridgette Murray - 1st Place
For the most part, you end up taking similar routine shots
from prejudging to finals, but slight variations and are better
able to anticipate what comes next.

Karen Patten - 2nd Place

Jennifer Cassetty - 3rd Place


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