2005 NPC Bodybuilding.com
Emerald Cup

IFBB Pro Fitness - Page 1

It's only fitting that Tanji
captured this inaugural title,
having been so involved in
promoting and furthering
the growth of Fitness and
Figure in the region. All
that aside, she does have
one of the best physiques
in the sport - round muscle
shapes, super symmetrical,
and flowing perfectly from
one muscle group to the next.
I try my best to capture
still photos from the routines,
but hers was way too action
packed to get a clear pic this
time, we'll see what we can
do to augment this coverage.
Next was another Northwest
favorite, former "Sea Gal" Julie Childs, a classic look, great presence onstage. Third and fourth were a couple of alumni from previous USA's I've covered. I will revisit those 2001 and 2002 pages and add more of their early exploits very shortly. Tracey is one of the more muscular competitors, great legs in particular. I remember Kim very well from the 2001 USA's with the angel wings costume - she's really refined her look over the years. Last but certainly not least (the most pictures on this page so far) is 2003 USA Champ Angie Semsch. One of my personal faves, not just physique-wise (great shoulders tapering down to a very balanced lower body) but a real nice person too. Oh yeah, she does some amazing handstand moves in her routine as well.

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Tanji Johnson - 1st Place
June '05 - Found a couple from her routine :)

Julie Childs - 2nd Place
rescanned - June '05

Tracey Greenwood - 3rd Place

Kim Lyons - 4th Place

Angela Monteleone Semsch - 5th Place