2007 Western Canadian Tested
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(Kelowna, B.C. - April 28, 2007)

Jennifer Flontek - 1st Place Overall - Figure
This is such a fun show to cover. Thanks again to promoter Ian Tomlin for putting on a great event, made it so easy to cover. As mentioned last year, the number of height classes should be expanded and so it was! Edmonton's Jennifer Flontek got a good boost to her competitive career winning Figure Overalls. Expect more from her as she enters the Alberta tier system later this summer. A number of figure competitors will be featured in offstage photoshoots as this page expands.
Chanthou Chhim - 1st Place Overall - Bodybuilding
Turning to Bodybuilding, a WNSO transplant won the Heavyweight and Overall title, that would be the well-built Chanthou Chhim, not much of a question here. Katrina Heard was a vivacious competitor, winning the Best Poser award. She also competed in Figure. The ever-improving Jeannie Mudry had a great routine as well! Now this was a tested event and any subsequent changes to the standings were after stories went to press.
Tara Hildebrand - 1st Place Overall - Fitness
To Fitness, two height classes with competitors from varied backgrounds and ages. Cute Kaitlin Regehr who's only 15, combined her dance talents with tumbling and strength moves. Tara Hildebrand showed some real pizzaz in her routine. A great physique in only her first show. Lastly, special thanks to Alexis, Dawn, Lorilee and Sandra for the 'heads up' on a number of competitors, I hope to work with more of them in the near future.

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Figure - Short Class Figure - Medium Class
Figure - Medium-Tall Class Figure - Tall Class
Figure - Masters Class
Fitness - Short Class Fitness - Tall Class
Middleweight Bodybuilding Heavyweight Bodybuilding
Masters Bodybuilding Best Poser - Bodybuilding

Here & There
Tiffany Vik Tiffany Vik Tiffany Vik Tiffany Vik Tiffany Vik
Angela Fletcher Angela Fletcher Angela Fletcher
Megan Cofield Megan Cofield Megan Cofield
Tara Hildebrand Tara Hildebrand Tara Hildebrand
Victoria Savile Victoria Savile Victoria Savile Victoria Savile Victoria Savile
Shauna Slobodin Shauna Slobodin Shauna Slobodin Becky Habib Becky Habib
Janine Desloges Janine Desloges Janine Desloges
Janine Desloges
Emma Callaghan Emma Callaghan Chelsea Balcaen Chelsea Balcaen Tiffany Burns
Leigh Lingham Leigh Lingham Leigh Lingham
Leigh Lingham Leigh Lingham Leigh Lingham

May 2007 - In the 'please contact me sooner rather than later' category,
kindly pass this message along to the competitors below. Thanks!

June 2008...never mind :)
Leigh Lingham - found her, never mind! Renee-Lyn Doucette

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Figure Short Class - Kristi C

June 3, 2007

Figure Medium Class - Jessica Comandante

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June 9, 2007

Bodybuilding - Chanthou Chhim

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June 11, 2007

Figure Short Class - Angela Fletcher

June 12, 2007

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Stephanie Wildgrube

June 11, 2007

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June 18, 2007

Figure Short Class - Janine Desloges & Jocelyn Mallard

August 2, 2007

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Lucie Hall & Bryn-Elise Clarke

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Shauna Slobodin, etc.

October 27, 2007

Fitness - Short Class

October 28, 2007

Figure - Medium Class (contd.)

October 30, 2007

Figure - Tall Class (contd.)

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