2007 Western Canadian Tested
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships

Figure - Medium-Tall Class

Shauna Slobodin
Shauna Slobodin's been training and playing sports for years. She studied kinesiology and phys-ed and is now a personal trainer and owns a gym in the Kootenays region of BC. Shauna was coached and prepped for this show by Alexis Chapman and I had the opportunity to photograph her a couple days earlier. Nice look on and offstage, this was her first competition but expect her back next year - a balanced physique to work with, an excellent start! Chelsey Llewellyn's a rugby player, powerful legs are obvious. Couldn't help but notice Lorinda with the red streaks :) Good for Jade Irwin - she didn't let this placing discourage her, going on to the Fort St. John Northern Classic, qualifying for both Figure and Fitness at the BC's.

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Shauna Slobodin - 6th Place

Chelsey Llewellyn - 7th Place

Lorinda Stringfellow - 8th Place

Jade Irwin - 9th Place


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