2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(New Westminster, B.C. - Nov. 8, 2008)

Karen Pang - 1st Place Overall - Figure
Lots of competitors and a capacity crowd bodes well for the future of this competition, now in its 5th year! Great job promoting this event by Ross Webb and Sandra Wickham. Their commitment to the sport is evident as Figure and Fitness Nationals will again be in Beautiful BC in 2009! I'll have more as time permits, complete results are/will be posted at the BCABBA website. This was Karen Pang's first BCABBA figure competition, congratulations on a well deserved victory. This event should really be subtitled 'Model Central' as you'll see in a number of the pages :-)
Colleen Henriksen - 1st Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
The overall bodybuilding title was taken by Sylva Mischke - with other Novice level wins, a good showing at the BC's and a taste of the Nationals stage this year, competing back at this level seemed a bit surprising. That's lightweight champ Colleen Henriksen on the right, making a huge impression in only her first show!

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Figure - Short Class Figure - Medium Class
Figure - Medium-Tall Class Figure - Tall Class
Figure - Masters Fitness
Lightweight Bodybuilding Heavyweight Bodybuilding
Masters Bodybuilding Grandmasters Bodybuilding
Figure - Overall Comparisons Figure - Overall Comparisons
Figure - Overall Comparisons Figure - Overall Comparisons

And a preview of sorts!

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November 10, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Stacy Clough

November 12, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Angela Martin

November 13, 2008

Figure Short Class - Karen Pang

November 14, 2008

Lightweight Bodybuilding - Colleen Henriksen

November 15, 2008

Figure Medium Class - Bryna Carrier

Figure Medium Class - Breanne Seward

November 17, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Julia F

November 19, 2008

Bodybuilding/Figure - Karen Lopez

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters Class - Mistral Davidson

November 20, 2008

Figure Medium/Masters Class - Carla Palmer

November 21, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Meghan Cox

Figure Tall Class - Theresa Carlson

November 23, 2008

Fitness - Cara Thien

November 25, 2008

Figure Short Class - Jenny Weis

November 28, 2008 - 4th Placers

Figure Short Class - Nicole Billingsley

Figure Medium Class - Kim Strader

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Wendy Peterson

Figure Tall Class - Shara Leah Lewis

November 29, 2008

Figure Medium Class - Melanie Williams

Figure Medium Class - Fawn Harris

November 30, 2008

Figure Short/Masters Class - Lana Kelbert-Pederson

Figure Short Class - Charis Ritter

December 2, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Bonnie Fiala

Figure Tall/Masters Class - Sherry Omelaniec

December 5, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Cara Thien

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters Class - Joanne McCormick

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Meera Malhi

December 7, 2008

Figure Medium/Masters Class - Lynn Furlotte

Figure Medium/Masters Class - Corinne Rothwell

Figure Medium/Masters Class - Jackie Davies

December 9, 2008

Figure Short/Masters Class - Noemi Pelegrin-Tudor

Figure Short Class - Carly Illes &
Tamara Lamirande

Figure Short Class - Ali Enns &
Katee Janus

December 10, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Deirdre Newman

Figure Tall Class - Christie Mayes

Figure Tall/Masters Class - Allison Trepanier

Figure Tall Class - Tamara Totovic

Figure Tall Class - Colleen McGovern

Figure Tall Class - Angela Rinaldis

Figure Tall Class - Brittany Barwick

December 14, 2008

Figure Medium/Masters Class - Su-Yin Phang

Figure Medium Class - Jennifer Beebe

Figure Medium Class - Bobbi Catt &
Kathy Gelmon

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters Class - Kerri Heavenor

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Heather Barkley

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Sara Galbraith &
Kelly Miller

Figure Masters Class - Cherie Kray &
Andrea Basswerner

December 15, 2008

Bodybuilding - Sylva Mischke

Bodybuilding - Wendy Lee &
Amy Fournier

Bodybuilding - Robyn Gildemeester &
Crystal Holmgren

December 17, 2008

Junior Fitness - Brooke Kearney

Guest Performance - Michele Mayberry


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