2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Colleen Henriksen - Lightweight Bodybuilding

Colleen Henriksen
It's nice to see new competitors enter bodybuilding, especially when they bring great conditioning, a balanced look and a classy presentation onstage. Such was the case with Colleen Henriksen. In her own words, " [I'd been lifting awhile but never seriously until...] I watched my very first bodybuilding show in November 2007 and said to myself that I have to do this. I sought out a trainer (Dawn Alison) and went to work, it took a year to get me on that stage overcoming my largest enemy....my fear. Trophy or not that's what made me a winner, picking a goal for myself and having the courage to go through with it. Now that I have experienced a small taste of the competition bug I'm completely hooked and can't wait to do it again at the BC's." Needless to say we'll be covering that next step!

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Colleen Henriksen - 1st Place

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