2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Breanne Seward - Figure Medium Class

Breanne Seward
There's a certain type of physique in this sport that's easy to envision going far. Start with broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips...balance that out with great legs and you get Breanne Seward. Oh, and add a sultry look! Growing up she was a figure skater and dancer. After high school she started working out at the gym but in the last two years after seeing a few competitions, started training seriously with that goal in mind. This was Breanne's first competition but definitely not her last. Her plans include the 2009 BC's and perhaps modeling type events along the way. She's already started on bulking up to really turn heads next time :-) Breanne's also started doing personal training to help others reach their fitness goals. Supplement and fitness related companies take notice! She's a great representative of the sport so sponsorships welcome. Thanks to Gold's in Burnaby for the gym shoot location!

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Breanne Seward - 2nd Place

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