2006 Evergreen State
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
(Wenatchee, Washington)

Genoveva Esquivel-Ifill - 1st Place Masters & Lightweight Bodybuilidng
Well, this really wasn't on my schedule but needed to do some definitive camera gear testing in 'real' situations with 'on topic' subjects. A good news/bad news conclusion but live and learn in the long run :( Back to the show, thanks to Sally West and her crew for putting together an outstanding event. Official results should be at the link below. evergreenstatechampionships.com
Some new discoveries of note for the future. Genoveva Esquivel-Ifill was probably the shortest competitor on stage but packed impressive muscle on a compact frame.
Tanya Pater - 1st Place - Fitness
Turning to Figure, Julie Ann Lee won the Overall title. Nice proportions and intends to continue in the sport. Has a good support team behind her as well. The short class also featured an ever-improving Genie Markwell and 4th placer Tammy Taylor who has super potential in the sport. Due to commitments the following day, this show was just a day trip for me, hopefully will have more on some of these competitors in the future. I did manage to sneak in some outdoor pics with Genoveva and a follow-up with Tanya Pater during the day.

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Figure - Julie Ann Lee Figure - Julie Ann Lee Figure - Julie Ann Lee
Figure - Under 5'02 Figure - 5'02 to 5'03 Figure - 5'03 to 5'04
Figure - 5'04 to 5'05 Figure - 5'05 to 5'06 Figure - 5'06 to 5'08
Figure - Over 5'08 Figure - Over 50 Figure - Over 35
Bodybuilding - Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding - Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding - Novice Lightweight
Bodybuilding - Open Middleweight Bodybuilding - Open Lightweight Bodybuilding - Open Heavyweight
Tanya Pater Tanya Pater Tanya Pater with Tami Ough Tanya Pater Tanya Pater with emcee Kim Farrison

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September 22, 2006

Figure - Under 5'02

Bodybuilding - Genoveva Esquivel-Ifill

October 28, 2006

Figure - 5'02 to 5'03

Figure - 5'06 to 5'08

November 1, 2006

Figure - Over 5'08

November 10, 2006

Figure - 5'04 to 5'05

February 11, 2007

Fitness - Tanya Pater

March 16, 2007

Novice Bodybuilding

March 17, 2007

Figure - 5'03 to 5'04

Figure - 5'05 to 5'06

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