2005 British Columbia Provincial
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Competition
(August 6, 2005)

Dolly Skailes
Surrey was the first-time host city for this year's championships, held at the beautiful Bell Performing Arts Centre. Some familiar names from years past made very auspicious returns as well as newcomers who I'm sure will be heard from in the future. Thanks to promoters Herb Orth and Derek Carey as well as the BCABBA for staging a flawless event. Well, it did run a little long but enjoyable throughout. I'm not a big fan of the alternating categories format and all overalls happening at the end as it lacks continuity. On a personal note, this was my first digital contest coverage. Still experimenting - need to work out some of the bugs and where film's place is in the mix. Highlights from stage and photoshoots are on this page. More to come as time permits.

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Trophy Time
Liana Gabriele - Lightweight Heavyweights Roseanne Blackburn - Middleweight
Fawnia Mondey - Figure Short Bonnie McKechnie - Figure Medium Kimberley Stefanski - Figure Tall
Dawn Nguyen - Fitness Fitness Laura Iseli - Fitness
Dawn Nguyen - Fitness Laura Iseli - Fitness Alisa Stern-Faria - Fitness

Dolly Skailes Randi Nelson Kerry MacDonald
Bonny McKechnie Bonny McKechnie Bonny McKechnie
Roseanne Blackburn Bonny McKechnie Roseanne Blackburn

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IFBB Pro Desiree Ellis
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Desiree Ellis

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