2005 B.C. Provincial Competition

Figure - Short Class

Fawnia Mondey
Very good class to begin this coverage, all bringing something unique to the table. Fawnia Mondey had the most balanced physique and with her poise and confidence on stage (leave it to her to make even the pump up room look sexy), definitely deserved top spot. Maria Morrone's got good size and Angie Morelli's got a perfect V-taper emphasizing symmetry. Kimberley Payne had a bit of a softer look (in a good way) - some definite muscle size there, the leaness is just waiting to come out. Nice stage presence. Laurie Fraser looked like she was enjoying herself onstage, very relaxed and confident - good tight physique. Reminds me a bit of Sheila Landry (overall BC Figure Champ in 2003).

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Fawnia Mondey - 1st Place
(testing some bigger/better digital stage shots - viewable but not really downloadable for now - sorry)

Maria Morrone - 2nd Place

Angie Morelli - 3rd Place

Kimberley Payne - 4th Place

Laurie Fraser - 5th Place

Cherry Cabilin - 6th Place

Terri-Lynne Schmidt - 7th Place


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