2005 B.C. Provincial Competition

Fitness Division

Alisa Stern-Faria Three very enthusiastic competitors made up this division. Dawn Nguyen won the Sandra Wickham Classic in 2004. A well-executed routine with a lot of difficulty, not to mention a very proportional physique. Laura Iseli was equal to the task, some nice flexibility moves. A long and lean type, good muscle tone and great in front of the camera. Alisa's steadily improving over the years, even did Emerald Cup in Figure last April. Bubbly personality comes through on stage.
So, my first attempt at rapid firing (no flash used) with a digital camera of fitness routines. Lots of bloopers along the way but enough good ones to fill up a page. Just gotta work on framing a bit - oops!

(click thumbnail to enlarge)

Dawn Nguyen - 1st Place

Laura Iseli - 2nd Place
yup, this one's bigger...

Alisa Stern-Faria - 3rd Place


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