2005 B.C. Provincial Competition

Figure - Medium Class

Bonnie McKechnie Bon-Macy? - a little Northwest humor - I couldn't resist :)
Two stellar performers from Vancouver Island highlighted this class. Bonnie McKechnie's a relative newcomer to the sport but certainly making an impact both with the judges and photographers. Terrific shape and size, can't ask for much more. Macey Boudreau looked stunning as usual, leaner and in even better shape than her 4th Place at Emerald Cup. Here's where experience comes in, sneaking in a different pose or two at stage front if only for a brief moment - we do appreciate it :) Sonia Bell and Claire Hayes came in very lean, deserving of their placings. Shannon Hale doubled in bodybuilding as a heavyweight no less. A very mesomorphic physique, great potential in any direction she chooses, definitely someone to watch for in the future. Randi Nelson recently won overall figure at the Northern Classic in Fort St. John. Not quite as lean as she probably would have liked to be for a competition, nevertheless (based on these and a short poolside shoot) she can't take a bad picture if she tried!

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Bonnie McKechnie - 1st Place

Macey Boudreau - 2nd Place

Sonia Bell - 3rd Place

Claire Hayes - 4th Place

Shannon Hale - 5th Place

Randi Nelson - 6th Place

Some bonus pics - testing stuff again...
Bonnie McKechnie Randi Nelson Macey Boudreau


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