2005 B.C. Provincial Competition

Figure - Tall Class

Kerry MacDonald It's been over two years since Kimberley Stefanski graced the pages of this website. She's done a couple shows, even Nationals in 2004 but not that well known yet. Wide shoulders made for a good foundation but everything else is coming into form. Nice definition throughout, confidence on stage and even a hairstyle that says
"I'm a serious contender now." Charlene Akhurst's got beautiful lines, solid upper body to narrow hips (see pic 11!). Whatever Kerry MacDonald did between pre-judging and finals, she should bottle it 'cause she just looked so much fuller and relaxed onstage. Had the scoring been done in the evening, could have been a different result, although Kimberley and Charlene were very consistent. Connie Gallo had the most muscular physique, whether that helped or hurt, thought she looked great. As far as the rest of the field goes, nobody looked out of place in this line-up. I'd hate to have been a judge here.

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Kimberley Stefanski - 1st Place Overall

Charlene Akhurst - 2nd Place

Kerry MacDonald - 3rd Place
Evening show photos below - a different one-piece suit.

Connie Gallo - 4th Place

Stephanie Vazquez - 5th Place

Ashley Hoehn - 6th Place

Mareike Collier - 7th Place

More bonus pics - testing stuff again...the thumbnails are the same relative size to their large pics as above so these are BIG files!


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