2008 CBBF National
Fitness & Figure Championships
(New Westminster, B.C. - August 9, 2008)

Tamara Vahn - 1st Place Overall - Fitness
One of the largest and best Fitness/Figure Nationals ever and finally on the West Coast! No strangers to putting on first class events, Ross Webb and Sandra Wickham pulled out all the stops here for a very memorable show. A wonderful and very competitive Fitness Division saw Tamara Vahn win the short and overall title (and best routine) while Chantal Dicaire took the tall crown. Incidentally Chantal was also awarded a well deserved Pro Card!
Deanne Brown - 1st Place Overall - Figure
Turning to Figure, Masters and Medium Class winner Deanne Brown won the overall title while BC's Macey Boudreau was also awarded a Pro Card - definitely belongs at the next level! More soon as time permits. Official results are at the CBBF website.

I'll try and post things as systematically as possible and a note TO COMPETITORS ONLY - if you'd like a couple of web-sized pics for internet use and haven't been featured yet, please email me from my home page or type the following:
There are also some photos of Albertans on the ABBA message board.

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Figure Short Figure Medium Figure Medium-Tall Figure Tall
Fitness Short Fitness Tall Figure Masters

Overall Figure Comparisons

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August 13, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Tamara Vahn Ontario

August 14, 2008

Figure Medium/Masters - Deanne Brown Manitoba

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Macey Boudreau BC

Figure Short Class - Jennifer Jewell BC

Figure Tall Class - Kim Tilden Ontario

August 16, 2008
'La belle province' couldn't have been more...belle!

Fitness Tall Class - Chantal Dicaire Quebec

Fitness Short Class - Sylvia Tremblay Quebec

Fitness Short Class - Allison Ethier Quebec

August 17, 2008

Fitness Tall Class - Renee Berard Ericsson BC

August 18, 2008

Fitness Tall Class - Trish Lavender BC

August 19, 2008

Figure Short Class - Bonnie McKechnie BC

August 23, 2008

Figure Medium/Masters - Lauren Arnold Manitoba

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Tamara Beckers Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Melanie Saez Quebec

Figure Short Class - Aleisha Hart Ontario

August 24, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Melanie Cheang Saskatchewan

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Myriam Cantin Quebec

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters - Ginette Delhaes Quebec

Figure Short/Masters - Nathalie Clermont Quebec

Figure Short Class - Teresa Funk BC

August 25, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Allison Black Stirling Alberta

August 24, 2008

Figure Medium Class - Fawnia Dietrich BC

Figure Medium/Masters - Maria Morrone BC

Figure Medium Class - Christie Sharun Alberta

August 28, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Jodi Boam Ontario

August 29, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Charlene Akhurst BC

Figure Tall Class - Christina Dzieduszycki Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Michelle Krack BC

August 30, 2008 - North Americans today for both!

Figure Medium Class - Leah Berti Alberta

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Lori-Ann Redding Ontario

August 30, 2008 - Plus Natalie wins a Pro Card!

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Natalie Waples Ontario

August 31, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Melissa Price Alberta

September 4, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Ocean Bloom BC

September 19, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Christy Kearney BC

September 20, 2008

Figure Medium Class - Tanya Nawolski Manitoba

Figure Medium/Masters - Pauline Trinier Ontario

Figure Medium/Masters - Melissa Lefebvre Alberta

September 24, 2008

Fitness Short Class - Crystal Arneson Alberta

Fitness Short Class - Marla Grant Alberta

Fitness Short Class - Carey Burch Alberta

Fitness Short Class - Kirsten Loewer Alberta

September 26, 2008

Fitness Tall Class - Trina Johnson BC

Fitness Tall Class - Kira Forster Alberta

Fitness Tall Class - Cindy Jones Alberta

Fitness Tall Class - Samantha Mack BC

September 28, 2008

Figure Short Class - Nicole Boyne Alberta

Figure Short Class - Angela DeFrancesco Ontario

Figure Short Class - Maranda Lessard-Kerr Alberta

Figure Short Class - Tanya Watkins Ontario

Figure Short/Masters Class - Tracy Garey Ontario

Figure Short Class - Heather Leblanc New Brunswick

Figure Short Class - Natalie Paterson Alberta

October 1, 2008

Figure Medium Class - Rachel Vienneau-Leblanc New Brunswick

Figure Medium/Masters - Linn Bouchard Quebec

Figure Medium Class - Meaghan Prince Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Tammy Humeny BC

October 25, 2008

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Francisca Dennis Ontario

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Christine Marchant Ontario

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Tina Kellogg Alberta

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Lisane Paquette Quebec

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Jo-Ann Broda BC

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters Class - Katy Unruh Manitoba

Figure Medium-Tall/Masters Class - Carol Watts BC

October 26, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Heather Dean Alberta

Figure Tall Class - Karolina Pawlak BC

Figure Tall Class - Sheri Fisher Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Justyna Tecza Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Keashia Wester BC

Figure Tall/Masters Class - Sonya Breton Quebec

October 28, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Maria Sharp BC

Figure Tall Class - Martine Thebeau New Brunswick

Figure Tall Class - Kristen Prior BC

Figure Tall/Masters Class - Tamara Archer Alberta

October 29, 2008 - all BC gals!

Fitness Short Class - Carla Marie Viberg Ledinski BC

Fitness Short Class - Kim Scoffins BC

Fitness Short Class - Linda Cusmano BC

Fitness Short Class - Lindsey Lipovsky BC

October 30, 2008

Figure Masters Class - Eleonora Gusevski Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Eva Sefcova Alberta

Figure Medium Class - Paula Ryff Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Amber Forrest
& Gloria Mohninger

November 1, 2008

Figure Tall Class - Lisa Giesbrecht BC

Figure Tall Class - Lori Mork, etc.


A few competitors photographed the week earlier...and after.

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