Femsport 2005
(Vancouver, B.C. - September 3, 2005)

Roseanne Blackburn Another fun event to cover. A combination of figure, strength and pizzazz went towards crowning an overall champion. Roseanne Blackburn made out like a bandit winning multiple categories, a very satisfying victory after the lack of competition at the B.C. Provincials a month earlier. Jodi Miller and Macey Boudreau are already well known in Figure circles, this was a good opportunity to show their versatility. Denise Kewin really turned it up a notch from last year, coming in a strong second place. Some new faces to this website as well, but with considerable modeling experience and bright futures ahead. They include Alison Lindsey (who shared the photogenic award with Jodi), Vanessa St. Arnaud and Alissa Martin. Thanks to JP, Tre, Nancy and the whole crew who put this show together. The photos on this page are more or less in the order of finish, official results and more can/will be found at FEMSPORT

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Roseanne Blackburn Denise Kewin Jodi Miller
Lindsay Boswell Cathy Smith Elya McCleave
Macey Boudreau Vanessa St. Arnaud Alissa Martin
Alison Lindsey Alison Lindsey and Jodi Miller Cassidy Heights

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September 6, 2005

Jodi Miller

Alison Lindsey

Vanessa St. Arnaud

Cassidy Heights

Lindsay Boswell

September 9, 2005

Roseanne Blackburn

Macey Boudreau

Denise Kewin

Alissa Martin

Cathy Smith

Elya McCleave


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