2009 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Tori Briggs - Bikini Division - Tall Class

Tori Briggs
Sorry for the late start on individual coverage of Emerald Cup. To say it's been hectic since this bikini competition ended on the Saturday afternoon would be an understatement, scooting back home for the WBFF show that night and the Empire Classic (Spokane) the following weekend (no elves to help me put this together either). In fairness, there already is quite a bit of Emerald Cup coverage elsewhere... hopefully mine's worth the wait - trying to be a stickler for quality as well! So...starting with the newest division, Tori Briggs (from Kristi Tauti's iPhysique team) is one to watch in the future, whatever competition/modeling path she chooses to take. A few pics from a short shoot follows.

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Tori Briggs - 1st Place

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