2009 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Ryan Everson - Open Figure 5'5" to 5'6"

Ryan Everson
Ryan had competed a year earlier at Emerald Cup, getting her feet wet so to speak. She got to talking with fellow competitor Catherine Holland (now IFBB pro) who was airbrushing her because her color was off, frustrated with her physique development. One thing led to another and with Cat's boyfriend Jason Phillips doing Ryan's training and nutrition for a whole year, they transformed her into a pretty phenomenal physique. She won Overall at the Vancouver Naturals this year. I wasn't there, but hopefully made up for lost time at Emerald Cup and funny how things work out, hadn't planned this at all but ended up a week later in Spokane (where she's from) covering the Empire Classic and we hooked up for Round 2 at the gym! Her next competition is the Jr. USA's in May. I'm sure she'll make a great impression there too!

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Ryan Everson - 4th Place

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