2008 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Figure - Over 5'5" to 5'6"

Jennifer Blundell-LaBrie
We first introduced Jennifer at the 2008 Vancouver Naturals (tested) event three weeks earlier, winning her height class. Her background in athletics should explain to some degree her physique and how well-conditioned she is (as we saw in the gym). However, being privy to her 'before' picture in January of '07, you'd think she was a different person now, no longer has 'toothpick' arms :) As a personal trainer and a product specialist for AdvoCare Nutritional Supplements, Jennifer certainly practices what she preaches. As mentioned previously, she is part of 'Team Evolution' of Bellevue. In terms of her placing at this show, somewhat overlooked as she ended up ninth but quite a range on the scoresheets particularly in the 2-piece round. Perhaps scored down a bit for not having the perception of 'extra wide' lats, Jennifer's side view was impressive to say the least!

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Jennifer Blundell-LaBrie


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