2008 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Bodybuilding - Open Middleweights

Lilli Ewing
Continuing with bodybuilders making a return to the stage was Lilli Ewing. She started her competitive career in 1992, won the heavyweight class at Emerald Cup in 1993 and an eventual 8th Place at Nationals in 1994. A short stint in powerlifting (she won a national title in 1997) followed by 10 years out of the sport...she decided she had to get that shape back. It's been a privilege to follow her progress reports in recent months, culminating in a terrific comeback at the Emerald Cup. Lilli could have opted to compete in Masters, but I think she's still got her sights set to surpass her former glory and she's taken the right first step! Visit her website for all the details :)

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Lilli Ewing - 5th Place


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