2008 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Bodybuilding - Open Lightweights

Lisa Curry
Making her debut on the regional scene was 42 year old grandma Lisa Curry from Fairbanks, Alaska. She'd recently won the overalls at the NPC Last Frontier Alaska State Show in both Masters and Open divisions and was ready to go up against some tougher competition - that was after taking a break from competition since 1995! Lisa's always had a passion for the sport since as a teenager seeing pictures of such pioneers as Lisa Lyon, Gladys Portugues & Rachel McLish - we have that in common :) She's now realizing her dreams. One cannot help but be impressed by her enthusiasm and attitude toward those goals! Had good definition and stage presence - a combination Norwegian/Mexican heritage for an exotic look. I hope that came through in the offstage photos.

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Lisa Curry - 2nd Place


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