2007 NPC Emerald City Smoothie Emerald Cup
Fitness - Short Class (Top 3)

Chandra Young
Just when you think that competitor's 'come out of nowhere' to excel here, check back in the records and Chandra Young's hard work and progress is evident. She placed 2nd at this event in 2004. Chandra's fast paced and entertaining routine was a real highlight. Powerful physique as well! She's a personal trainer from Idaho. Safiya Johnson has gone from a 'skinny little thing' :) to well on her way to approaching her more famous sister's (IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson) incredible physique. Great flexibility and showmanship in her routine, it must run in the family! Genie Markwell continues to impress with her fitness talents, a remarkable year for her and glad to have been able to chronicle some of it along the way. She also competed in figure here.

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Chandra Young - 1st Place

Safiya Johnson - 2nd Place

Genie Markwell - 3rd Place


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