2006 NPC Bodybuilding.com Emerald Cup
Figure Masters - Over 40 (Part 2)

Yolanda Glaeser
One of the most accomplished competitors here was California's Yolanda Glaeser. She's excelled at both bodybuilding and figure, hardly a surprise with such beautiful proportions, amazing legs...speaking of Californians, Lucinda Witte was very comfortable and confident onstage, check out both competitors' websites below. Lorilee Sweeney tackled bodybuilding as well, finishing fourth in open heavyweights. I've added those photos to this page.

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Yolanda Glaeser - 3rd Place

Shannon O'Day - 4th Place

Lucinda Witte - 5th Place

Linda Holmes-Weimer - 6th Place

Lorilee Sweeney - 7th Place

Desiree Rocovich - 8th Place

Laura Moe - 9th Place


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