2007 NPC Washington State Championships
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Kristen Reaves - that's one wicked looking sword!
I usually don't combine Figure classes in gallery pages but seeing as these two were the only non-over-35 (not that there's anything wrong with that) competitors, a chance to compare and contrast a couple of class winners. Robin was the leaner of the two with nice muscle separation and definition. She trains with Dan and Stephanie Meece of 'Elite Body' and they have a track record of turning out excellent physiques. Kristen may not have been as lean but very shapely from all angles and proportionately tied together her physique. Impressive 'quads' and 'calves' to go along with a tapered upper body. Hope to have more from these two at future competitions!

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Kristen Reaves - 1st Place 5'02 to 5'04 & Overall

Robin Nordmeyer - 1st Place 5'04 to 5'06


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