2006 NPC Washington Ironman
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Over 5'06 (Part 2)

Continuing with this class, Jennifer has an amazingly V-tapered physique with good development, maybe should have been a bit more even/dark with skin color. Kiya had competed at the 2006 Emerald Cup but I'd been sidetracked with other shows to get to that part of the coverage (for now). It's always a good idea to do some homework ahead of time so it was a pleasant surprise to find out she'd be competing here! Originally from Alaska, she's a personal trainer and student in Idaho. Just starting out in figure and a bit of modeling but great potential...and at 5'10, one of the tallest competitors in the sport. All pictures on this page are from pre-judging...seemed a bit tentative in those, but that was before we found out she really can 'strike a pose'. I've added some offstage photos and no, I didn't have a wind machine - sometimes things just work out perfectly!

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Jennifer Kristiansen - 3rd Place

Juliana Jade - 4th Place

Kiya Knight - 5th Place


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