2007 NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic
Figure - Over 5'7"

Mary Hallman
Just a small taste of the quality of physiques expected at the upcoming Emerald Cup was overall winner Mary Hallman. With improvements in symmetry yet retaining good muscle size and definition, she was the clear judges' and crowd favorite here looking very comfortable onstage. Some lean physiques followed, all the way to 8th place, a polished and prepared looking Susannah Hall.

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Mary Hallman - 1st Place Overall

Shanna Tuthill - 2nd Place

Erica Aydelotte - 3rd Place

Kristina McEllrath - 4th Place

Nancy Novak - 5th Place

Sherry Christopherson - 6th Place

Stephanie Flowers - 7th Place

Susannah Hall - 8th Place


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