2007 NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic
Figure - 5'3" to 5'5"

Elsie Huxtable
I've kidded Elsie (with good reason) in the past about bringing a resurgence of bodybuilding to the region. She started as a teenager in the sport so no telling where she'd end up. Imagine my surprise (I'd missed registration the night before) when she turned up on stage with a dynamite figure physique. Just goes to show you, the basics are the same for training to excel at either discipline! Beautiful symmetry and lines, she's looking to add more upper body size before tackling the next level. Combine that with strength, flexibility and a unique look in front of the camera and you've got the makings of a well rounded competitor. Susan Hoverson obviously loves to compete and expect even more from her in the near future with a foray into the FAME series to showcase her versatility.

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Elsie Huxtable - 1st Place

Susan Hoverson - 2nd Place


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