2009 SWFC Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships
Lisa Coupar - Figure (Tall Class)

Lisa Coupar
Just a few short weeks prior to this competition I noticed Lisa at the FAME Nationals, albeit at the Novice level, with a physique seemingly tailor-made for the figure category. Knew from then she could do well within the BCABBA, keeping in mind the look that's been winning in recent years. In her own words, " I got this competition bug just a short time ago and started training hard in September of this year (2009). I put my heart into it as I do most things and gave it my all. I'm usually an all or nothing type person. I play soccer, love to ski and the gym is my current passion. Hiking & running come a close second for loves. I've always been a fit, active person who can't sit still even on a cold, raining day when the TV would be most enjoyable. My short term goals are to dedicate myself to training for the Provincials in hopes to move to the Nationals. I'm uncertain where this could take me but I'm along for the enjoyable and exciting ride. I would love to represent a clothing line or supplement company or be featured in any fitness magazine - that would be a a dream. Placing first in FAME then winning at SWFC 1st in Figure Tall, 1st in Master and overall was amazing and such an incredible experience, it has just encouraged me to push that much harder for the next step. I thank all the positive and instrumental people that helped me through this journey. With out them it would have been impossible: Kaare, Mackenzie, Brian, Karen, Shaun, Perry, Colleen and David." Gym photos were taken 4 weeks after the competition at Platinum Fitness in Surrey. We had to wait as she'd caught whatever was going around right after the competition - so to recover from that and get into/maintain amazing shape for the shoot is quite remarkable. Hopefully the first step to getting her noticed! And just to reiterate, Lisa not only took 1st Place Overall but tops in the Masters (over 40) division!

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Lisa Coupar - 1st Place Overall

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