2009 SWFC Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships
Whitney Edwards - Figure (Medium Height Class)

Whitney Edwards
Pumping up backstage at prejudging intermission...kinda like the photo on this page, was Whitney Edwards. Went out on a limb and remarked to the fellow photographer down in front to watch out for '109'. Not that much of a stretch as it was obvious right off the bat that she'd sculpted a physique tailor made for this sport! She'd always been moderately active and going to the gym but hadn't done much weight training till joining 'The Garage' where it was suggested she train for this show. Under the direction of Mark St. Arnaud and Katrina Heard, Whitney did just that. She had a fun experience at the SWFC and plans to continue training for future competitions. From what I've heard (and seen), she's very disciplined in her training and went above and beyond in maintaining her outstanding conditioning an additional week for the gym shoot :-) Photos were taken at World Gym in Surrey. Really nice and bright facility. Thanks to Bindi and her staff for accommodating us.

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Whitney Edwards - 1st Place

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