2007 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Medium-Tall Class

Jessica Comandante
In the intro page, I alluded to figure classes being close...hadn't seen scoresheets yet at the time, but couldn't have been truer. Jennifer Moody was involved in a couple of those, winning this class by a point and placing second in Masters by the same margin. Sporting a lean, detailed physique, she's from Vancouver Island and trained by national level competitor Macey Boudreau. Jessica last competed at the Western Canada's, her proportionality is perfect for the sport - wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips. She's currently an Albertan, but originally from these parts and trained by 'Team Wickham'.

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Jennifer Moody - 1st Place

Jessica Comandante - 2nd Place

Shanna Garrioch - 3rd Place


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