2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Tall Class (Part 2)

Continuing on with an excellent class, Megan Cofield brought a lean yet very proportional physique to the stage. She, along with impressive Short Class competitor Angela Fletcher are personal trainers from Vancouver Island. For Emma Callaghan, it's been an up and down season as she looks to re-establish herself in the sport. The athleticism of her physique is evident as she won 'Femsport' late last summer. We'll never get tired of seeing her onstage!

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Megan Cofield - 4th Place

Emma Callaghan - 5th Place

Deirdre Newman - 6th Place

Amy Fournier - 7th Place

Shireen McCormick - 8th Place

Haley Vickerstaff - 9th Place

Catharine Carver - 10th Place


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