2006 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Short Class (Part 2)

Erin Halward
Monika Kornas had a busy day, doing well in both Fitness and Figure - a more daring one-piece suit than the norm but with a lean physique like hers...looked great! Of note was Alberta's multitalented Erin Halward-Kraatz who I first noticed at the 2006 Western Canada's and had the pleasure to meet up with in the summer for an off-season shoot. She may not have been as contest ready this time as she would have liked but nice lines to her physique. There's a link to her website below. In the 'overlooked by the judges' category was Angela Fletcher's mesomorphic and powerful looking physique.

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Monika Kornas - 4th Place

Darla Isfeld - 5th Place

Cherry Cabilin - 6th Place

Erin Halward - 7th Place

Angela Fletcher - 8th Place


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