2008 NPC Oregon Ironman
Figure - Under 5'2"

Kiana Phi-Lewis
Always great to see new competitors enter the sport, especially with a physique so well-suited to it and an exotic look to match. From an early age, Kiana's parents and two brothers strongly influenced her love of fitness. Dad gave her a tennis racket at age 8, Mom got her a gym membership at age 12, and her brothers never treated her like a girl. While playing varsity tennis in high school and training on the men's rowing team in college, Kiana started weight lifting to supplement her conditioning. Over the years, she's battled back injuries that resulted in subsequent weight gain. Last year, she re-sculpted her physique through a combination of clean nutrition, diverse weight training, varied core strengthening, and more dynamic cardio conditioning. Having personally vowed to maintain this renewed fitness for life, she fatefully met IFBB Pro Kristi Tauti on the night of her birthday last year. Upon learning about figure athletics from Kristi, she took the leap and asked for help in preparing for her first competition within 7 weeks! Her determined efforts were rewarded here with a first place win in her class! Kiana's road towards fitness has taken many turns, but her journey has just begun...

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Kiana Phi-Lewis - 1st Place


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