2008 NPC Oregon Ironman
Figure - Under 5'2"

Kim Hoyer
Noticed Kim at registration the day before the show with some of her teammates representing Steelhead Strength and Fitness and 'Team Set-In-Stone' - posing suits designed by the very talented Angel. A number of those competing here and at the National level wearing her custom designed suits are proof of that talent! Back to Kim...I usually steer clear of photoshoots on the day of the show but had to make an exception. A very giggly personality onstage but knew we could come up with something else. A little convincing from Angel (what, me model?) and with fellow competitor Vicki Bauer and her husband Dave (their team photographer), we dashed through the rain to a local gym I'd arranged with for just such a weather emergency and snapped a few, definitely a different look...wow :)

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Kim Hoyer - 2nd Place


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