2006 WNSO - FAME Vancouver Island

Fitness & Model Expo
(Nanaimo, B.C. - May 27, 2006)

A couple of firsts for me and this website. I've never attended or covered a show on Vancouver Island, nor one under the auspices of the 'WNSO' - World Natural Sports Organization. From 'routines' for Figure competitors, a Fitness Model Category and bodybuilders actually performing their routines at pre-judging (now that takes me back!), a thoroughly enjoyable event to cover and certainly for the audience. My thanks to promoter Joanna Dunn and the folks at Fitness Edge Health Club for their hospitality. They put on an amazing show. Also, emcee 'Captain Fitness' Chris Batista livened up the atmosphere from weigh-ins, through pre-judging and finals - now that's working overtime!
Maci Zimmerman - 1st Place Overall - Figure Getting down to the events, Calgary's Maci Zimmerman won both the Figure and Fitness Model categories - a very busy weekend for her! Mill Bay's Joanna Crowe and Rene Wilson captured the Lightweight and Middleweight Bodybuilding titles respectively. Joanna won the Overall and Rene the Grandmasters (over 45) as well. More will be added as time permits.

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Trophy Time
Fitness Figure Overall - Maci Zimmerman Figure
Lightweight Bodybuilding Middleweight Bodybuilding Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Maci Zimmerman Maci Zimmerman Maci Zimmerman
Joanna Crowe Maci Zimmerman Joanna Crowe
Erin Wagenaar Fitness Models Tammy Rosiek & Ivy Dexter

Just Around the Corner...
The 2006 CBBF Canadian Fitness & Figure Championships
Some impressive competitors were in the audience including 2005 BC Overall Figure Champion Kimberley Stefanski (pictured below looking great as usual), Bonnie McKechnie and Jennifer Jewell who's returning to competition :) Make your plans to be in Edmonton on July 1!
Kimberley Stefanski Kimberley Stefanski

Mariam Power-Ritzand
Being on the judging panel was quite appropriate given Mariam's varied strength/fitness career. Powerlifter, bodybuilder and now hoping to make her mark in the world of Figure at the 2006 IDFA Canadian Classic on June 3 in Toronto. I'm certain she'll be a hit with both the audience and photographers. She last competed in bodybuilding in 2004 gaining her Pro Card and Best Poser Award. Stay tuned...

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Mariam Power Mariam Power Mariam Power
Mariam Power Mariam Power Mariam Power
Mariam Power Mariam Power Mariam Power

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