2006 WNSO - FAME Vancouver Island
Fitness Model Search

Alisa, Erin and Alison
As the name of the category implies, it's for those looking to pursue opportunities in the field. Judges look for a combination of a physically fit and photogenic athlete. Modeling experience helps but if you've got that look...some are just naturals. Going on stage (and even winning) only gets a competitor so much publicity. It's taking advantage of the opportunities that really get you out there. The competitors here, each with their unique look, were truly eye-catching. Maci was the most muscularly defined - that sometimes can work against you in 'modeling' but in her case, did not detract from her poise and stage presence. Erin, although softer, has a proportionate physique on a statuesque body - no small feat. I made sure to use flash to capture her eyes hidden under that baseball cap :) - after all, this was a model search. Natalia is the sister of Nadia Nardi, national level Canadian bodybuilder - yes, genetics helps! Alison and Alisa went for the wavy blonde look, very nice. Karen has amazing symmetry and looks which are perfect for swimwear. Hope to do some followups in the near future.

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Maci Zimmerman - 1st Place

Erin Wagenaar - 2nd Place

Natalia Ellis - 3rd Place

Alison Lindsey

Karen Pang

Alisa Minello


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