2006 British Columbia Provincial
Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
Figure - Medium Class (Part 3)

Jennifer Bursey
This was Jennifer Bursey's first Provincials, and hopefully a good experience. I think her overall wins at the novice level means she doesn't have to requalify for Provincials so she's got some time to plan her future competitive strategy. In any case, I doubt I'll ever get tired of at least photographing her onstage. Becky Habib's improved her already good symmetry. Maybe a bit of an off day for Ocean Bloom with her busy schedule plus entering Fitness. I know she can and has looked much tighter in the past.

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Jennifer Bursey - 4th Place

Becky Habib - 5th Place
More about Becky

Ocean Bloom - 6th Place

Sonia Bell - 7th Place


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