Dina dela Llana
Dina dela Llana When I found out Dina would be at the 2005 Oregon State, it got me looking up her slides from 2000 - just about the time I launched this website. Those early scans are rather embarrassing, some are still scattered about the site, wish I had the time to redo them all. Getting back to Dina, she originally got her Pro Fitness card after competing in both '96 and '97 Emerald Cups. Back then I didn't come down to Seattle a day early for the fitness show, just bodybuilding on the Saturday. Missed some great competitors. Well, Dina's back and getting into contest shape so expect to hear more from her in the future. Complete mini-shoot is down below.

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2000 Emerald Cup - Bodybuilding

2005 - Guest Appearance


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