2011 NPC BSN Emerald Cup
Bodybuilding Championships
(April 16, 2011)

Laura Boisacq - 1st Place Overall - Open Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding brought one of the best champions to grace this stage in many years. She had to be good as the rest of the field were definitely up for the challenge. I'm speaking of Alaska's Laura Boisacq, who together with husband Shawn, took the Mixed Pairs title as well. And what a performance...promoters out there, you need to have them guest pose!
Cindy Goodrich - 1st Place Masters Overall
Always great to see Cindy Goodrich onstage, just keeps getting better and better, taking the Masters title this time. Look for more of my highlights added to this section and for all the information about the Emerald Cup, as always it's Craig Productions.

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Lightweight Bodybuilding Middleweight Bodybuilding
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Masters Over 50 Bodybuilding
Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding

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