2002 NPC Emerald Cup
Figure - Short Class

The smallest field
of the three height
classes but (and I
probably sound like
a broken record)
a real quality one.
Maria trains at a
gym called
"In Shape City".
Can't argue with

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Maria Harvey - 1st Place
Prepared immaculately for this. Great skin
tone is really important for not getting washed out
by the lights - makes for nice photos as well.

Courtney Morley - 2nd Place
Proving that her win 2 weeks earlier at
the Vancouver Naturals was no accident, this
18 year old phenom came in great shape.

Jennifer Thomas - 3rd Place
She did bodybuilding last year so has the
structure. An exotic look, reminds me a bit
of fitness competitor Amy Fadhli.

Autumn Allen - 4th Place
Participated in the fitness competition a
night earlier. More photos are in that section.

Adrian Chastain - 5th Place

Corry Matthews - 6th Place

Heidi Demmert - 7th Place

April Oswald - 8th Place

Peggy Evans - 9th Place

Skye Hale - 11th Place

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